Gives Back

Whether we’re helping youngsters in our community or donating to our favorite charities, giving back is near and dear to the family. We’re excited to share how our friend Dave Strong, along with other mission members of the Fellowship Bible Church of Northwest Arkansas, paid it forward with our donated reading glasses!

Each year the Fellowship Bible Church plans an annual mission trip to Guadalajara, Mexico to provide much-needed medical care in the lower-income area of the city. This year, they brought along suitcases full of donated readers and prescription glasses to help the 800 men, women, and children that passed through the church’s medical clinic. Makes a Difference in Mexico

Mission leader Dave and his crew handed out over 250 readers and prescription glasses in just three days. Dave manned the eyewear station inside the clinic, and much to his surprise, he interacted with lots of children who wanted glasses — which he suggests is “a sad sign of the lack of proper nourishment they receive.”

To help determine if they needed readers, he asked each child to read a Bible verse in a variety of different font sizes. The kids wanted to show off their skills, but they struggled with reading the verses printed in smaller font sizes. Take a look at how Dave explains his heartfelt interaction with several 0f the kids: “Once they put the readers on, they immediately and proudly began reading the smallest font I had. They didn’t stop reading until they had read the entire verse. The children were truly blessed by the glasses.”

We want to thank Dave and the Fellowship Bible Church of Northwest Arkansas for making a difference in Guadalajara and putting our readers to good use!