‘Ello RGS readers and Happy Monday!

We’re feeling a little warm and fuzzy today. So in honor of all the AMAZING things we’ve been finding all over the Internet the past couple of days, we decided to devote this glorious day to spreading the link love. Grab those peepers (we can’t get enough of these cool cats) and feast your eyes on what’s happening around the web:

We found the most adorable scarf site in the history of scarves. Take a gander at Scarves Dot Netbrowse through their ever-so-crafty blogand watch their clever video of a couple gals and some crazy scarves)!

Fellow geeks, spend a few hours crawling through this site learning How Stuff Works.

We ? this super cute eye chart pillow.

And are beyond inspired by this post about 7 Good Habits for 2012.

Going somewhere? NY Magazine’s Travel section is one of our favorite travel sites, featuring unique articles on U.S. and international travel destinations.

Oh! Take a look at these myth busters, reading glasses version.

As you know from our previous DIY Valentine’s Day post, we’re super excited about the holiday of LOVE. Check out this all-inclusive Valentine’s Day Guide by our sister store, Handbag Heaven!

And don’t forget to check out our new Reading Glasses Shopper Google+ Page!

(Hey! We can’t let a post go by without tooting our own horn just a bit, can we?)


Have a fabulous, stress-free week!


Your RGS Friends