Mother’s Day is a special day to honor and appreciate the lovely ladies that are often the backbone of a family.  Hopefully by now you have purchased a gift or card for those special gals in your life, but no worries if you haven’t. It’s not too late! There is still time before Sunday, and we have some beyond-easy gifts to make your mom’s day as special as she is.

Here is a roundup of some Mother’s Day DIY ideas to add that special, meaningful touch:


Glitter Glasses

1.  Glitter Glasses

These easy Meryl Streep look-a-like frames are the perfect gift for any glamorous mother. They are the perfect way to show your mom  that she’s not only gold to you but looks golden, too!

DIY: Scarf Necklace

2.  Scarf Necklace

This gorgeous accent scarf necklace helps add flare to any mom’s wardrobe. It is easily crafted and the perfect gift from the heart for any mom. ?

DIY: Handbag

 3.  Transformed Handbag

Find an old handbag and revive it for you mom!  This “something old” becomes “something new” and gives every mom an edge to her closet.

DIY: Flower Pillow

 4. Flower Pillow

This project may be for the more sew-savvy people, but it is adorable! Every mom loves decorative pieces, especially from those who love her (think of this as a grown-up version of your crayon drawings on the refrigerator). This flower pillow would be perfect for any family room or outside patio.

DIY: Glass Etching

 5.  Glass Etching

These beautifully crafted pieces are a great idea for the cooking mom. Every time she bakes that beloved casserole or dessert, she will be reminded of you. 🙂

DIY: Picture Vases

 6.  Picture Vases

Make an easily-crafted memory vase for the deserving mom. It’s as simple as printing off classic family photos and displaying them on a glass jar or vase that can be used again and again. Simple and chic!

DIY: Camera Case

 7.  Camera Case

For any picture-obsessed mom, this easy DIY reconstructs a handbag into a carrying case for her camera. This case is the perfect way to capture all memories!


Take time to celebrate your mom this weekend, and don’t forget to pamper her a little, too.  She deserves it!

Thank you to all moms of the world, and Happy Mother’s Day!

Yours truly,

The RGS Team