Giving back is near and dear to the family. This holiday season, we’re donating to New Eyes for the Needy to provide reading glasses for adults and children around the world suffering from uncorrected vision. But, we need your help to make a difference!  

Holiday Charity Donation

Mark Your Calendar!

The Details: We need your help. For every pair of reading glasses purchased on December 15, we’re donating to New Eyes for the Needy. As a bonus, you’ll receive free shipping on every order (with no minimum purchase necessary)!

How You Can Help: Shop on December 15 — it’s really that easy. Treat yourself to an extra pair of reading glasses or reading sunglasses, or purchase holiday gifts for your friends and family.

Stay Tuned: We’ll keep you posted on how you helped give back to New Eyes and how our donation helped individuals in need.

About New Eyes for the Needy

The Mission: New Eyes for the Needy is a nonprofit organization that provides eyewear to adults and children in the U.S. and overseas who otherwise could not afford it.

The Stats: Uncorrected vision is a problem around the world that not only affects a person’s health, but their self-esteem. According to New Eyes, 11 million people in the U.S. alone struggle with their sight and cannot afford or access the eyeglasses they need.

The Effects of Uncorrected Vision: The effects of uncorrected vision vary according to age group. As you can imagine, children with poor eyesight struggle in the classroom and are at an increased risk for social and developmental delays. For older adults, the lack of eyeglasses could mean limited mobility.

How It Works: New Eyes for the Needy serves individuals of all ages through their voucher and eyewear recycling programs. When you give to this organization, 100% of your donation goes towards purchasing new glasses for an individual in need. Every glasses recipient is screened to ensure that donations are benefiting the people who need it most.

*Disclaimer: will donate 10% of proceeds (up to $1,500) on December 15, 2014 to New Eyes for the Needy. This donation is only valid on purchases made on December 15, 2014 before midnight ET.

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