Aviators are classic sunglasses that everyone seems to own at one point in their lives. They’re a fan favorite with their larger lenses and sleek frame, and overall, there’s really not a cooler pair of sunglasses to be found. But what about when that day comes and you need reading sunglasses instead of your regular shades? Are those aviators relegated to the shelf?

Reading Glasses Shopper to the rescue! Take a look at the Conrad reading sunglasses. These guys can make you look hot while still being able to read and focus all at the same time! Think about it…maybe Maverick was farsighted!

This combination of sunglasses and reading glasses comes in silver frames as well as gold frames, and like all aviators, they mean serious business. There’s a reason why aviators are a favorite of cops and pilots – they convey both intensity and confidence, which makes them the perfect fit for a strong man. Both styles come with smoke lenses and are available in powers of +1.25 through +3.00, and at the sale price of $14.41, they’re the perfect combination of style and practicality.