Reading glasses can be a lifesaver – anybody who has ever had to strain to read small print can tell you that. But there’s one problem with the typical pair of magnifying lenses: you can’t wear them all the time. Ever have to switch back and forth from readers to sunglasses when you’re outside, having difficulty seeing because of the glare of the sun? Ever have to grab your reading glasses to see a map while driving, only to find you can no longer see the road?  Besides being unsafe, that’s a hassle that can leave you frustrated and annoyed. Don’t worry – I have a solution for you:

Let me introduce you to the new Owen Bifocal Driving Readers. These sporty frames are perfect for driving – the top part of the lens is a regular sunglass lens, allowing you to see far away while protecting your eyes at the same time, and the bottom is magnified for reading. Sitting out in the stands at a baseball game, struggling to read the program? The Owens have you covered with a small reading glasses portion of the lens that is there if you need it, but unobtrusive when you don’t.

What’s best is that you can’t even tell these are reading glasses – with the semi-rimless, wrap-around style and amber lenses, they just look like a cool pair of sunglasses, plain and simple. I like the black frames best, but there’s also tortoise and a very sleek red. The Owens definitely gives you your money’s worth and more.

Not sure you like this style but love the idea of bifocal reading sunglasses? Check out our other options here, and let us know what you think!

Disclaimer: All references to “bifocals” herein refer to readers having unmagnified lenses containing a “bifocal style” single powered reading glass insert located in the lower portion of the lenses.