Happy Monday, Everybody! I know, I know…what’s happy about Monday? At least if you’re in Indiana like us you’re experiencing slightly warmer weather this week! When it’s gray and cold like this, I have to be especially careful with my budget, because I tend to want to cheer myself up by buying something pretty and colorful. And that brings me to today’s subject: Reading Glasses Shopper’s Oxford glasses, a pair of glasses that nicely fulfills the cute + inexpensive requirement.

PurpleOxI have always loved tortoise shell glasses, but what’s particularly great about these is that they’re not the typical brown tortoise shell. The Oxford comes in both a sleek grey tortoise and a pretty purple tortoise, colors that are just a little more interesting than brown but that still can look great with a wide variety of outfits. I especially love the purple shade…over the last couple years, purple has become more and more popular (did you see last night’s Golden Globes?), and this purple is dark enough to almost work as a neutral.

Another reason to love tortoise: sometimes darker glasses can overwhelm your features – not these. The tortoise shell pattern on the Oxford glasses breaks up the solid, darker color with lighter tones, creating a softer look around your eyes (check out a similar effect on actress Rosario Dawson).


The lightweight frame of the Oxford should also make the glasses comfortable (after awhile, I forgot they were on my face!), and the lens height means these glasses can be worn both as full-frame or half-frame readers.  At the sale price of $12.71, they’re the perfect way to fend off the winter blues. Enjoy, and stay warm!