For the young and trendy, finding the right pair of reading glasses can be a huge struggle. You might not quite need bifocals and might not be ready for the small reading glasses on a chain around your neck [librarian] look.

However, our new glasses, The Studio, are perfect for the reading glasses shopper looking for a trendy pair. Their round and detailed frames are sure to make you stand out in a crowd and you’ll never feel unfashionable when you slip on your glasses to read the small print on that menu while that cute waiter is watching.

They come in four different colors:

red and tortoise

green and tortoise


black and tortoise

The tortoise and black and tortoise are my favorite simply because they would be easy to match, but if you are looking for a splash of color, then the green and tortoise or red and tortoise would be great. And at just $12.71 a pair, you could afford to get them in a few different colors! Let me know what you think about these new glasses.