Every four years, the biggest summer event takes place—the Olympics. With millions tuning in to cheer for the home team, make no mistake that this year will be equally as eventful as years past. Will Michael Phelps reclaim his golds after a brief retirement? Will Usain Bolt achieve the coveted “Triple-Triple”? Will Simone Biles live up to her expectations and dazzle us on the gymnastics floor?

It’s no wonder the Olympics is bigger than any blockbuster movie—it certainly has its fair share of drama. From the emotional losses to the jubilant victories, we wondered how these athletes would shine on the silver screen. So we created seven movie posters below based on some of our favorite dramas. As you tune in this summer, make sure you’re not missing any bit of the action with our best selling glasses.








The silent “bah-dump” of Jaws perfectly illustrates not just the pending fear of a shark attack, but also the anticipation of which swimmer will place first. Or the wonder we all felt when E.T. finally phoned home, and how that compares to the bewilderment as we watch a gymnast stick the landing. Not to mention the complete anticipation watching Indiana Jones barely escape being crushed by a boulder and the fast paced game of handball.

Ok, maybe the last one is a stretch, but who wouldn’t like to pop some popcorn while watching these Olympic reenactments?