I’m part of the generation that grew up squinting at a computer screen with a keyboard at its fingertips. I gave up my rattles for a mouse. I also grew up with Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermione. As I got older, my passions didn’t change. Sure, I moved on to more challenging literature and quit playing at Neopets and Barbie.com. But even today, I’m still a bookworm and I love the Internet, especially social media.

However, from spending so much time in front of a computer or behind a book, it’s no wonder I was given reading glasses (that quickly progressed into all-the-time glasses) in high school. At first I hated them. They stayed in their case more than on my face. As a naive high school girl, it took a boy telling me that he thought I looked cute in them for me to wear them.

Quickly, they became me and now I feel naked without them. My glasses complete my outfits and make a statement about who I am. Of course, there are challenges you have to face, like learning how to wear makeup with glasses. I know every girl wants long eyelashes, but it isn’t fun to have them press against your glasses, or to have to see through mascara smudges. There is also the dilemma of lying in bed and watching a movie. If you aren’t in just the right position, they will squish against your face. Those are things a glasses wearer picks up in no time though.

I’m one to lose things or get bored easily so I have two pairs of glasses. One is similar to The Brookside:

black reading glasses

This is the pair I find myself wearing more often. The other pair I have is similar to The Addison, only the sides are bedazzled with a few blue gems:

tortoise reading glasses

I find myself switching over to contacts more often in the summer. It allows for bigger sunglasses and let’s face it, glasses aren’t that convenient at the pool. For the most part though, my glasses accompany me and help me see all the beauty of the world.