If you’re looking for a new summer smoothie to try, you may have gone straight to Pinterest. Once on their site, maybe you searched “summer smoothies” and a boatload of beautiful, delicious options popped up. Naturally, you pin all of them.

We all get carried away on Pinterest from time to time, and if you’re anything like us, you probably haven’t tried all of the recipes that you’ve saved.

That’s why we decided to review them for you.

To save you time, energy, and money, our team at Readers.com has reviewed 7 smoothies that you may have pinned, but have yet to try. Let’s get down to it.

peach strawberry smoothiepeach smoothie

1. Blueberry Mango Lemonade Smoothie via Stacy Homemaker

  • Pinned: 2.7 k
  • Favorites: 245
  • Our score: 7/10

Although this smoothie has a lot of good flavor, we were not a big fan of the consistency. It’s a seedy-smoothie (in texture, that is) with a fair amount of pulp from the lemon. Overall, we give it a 7 out of 10. Plus, it’s healthy!

2. Watermelon Cucumber Smoothie via J.R. Organics

  • Pinned: 2.4 k
  • Favorites: 195
  • Our score: 3/10

While a case could be made that this smoothie is refreshing, to us it feels a lot like you’re drinking a watermelon. If you love watermelon, you might love this cool drink, but most of our team did not love the watery texture. We will say, though, that Julie from our merchandising department thought it was a delicious summer drink! So if you’re feeling healthy and you love watermelon, go for it.

3. Pineapple Coconut Smoothie via Gather for Bread

  • Pinned: 21.7k
  • Favorites: 1.8k
  • Our score: 7.5/10

Firstly, we loved the texture and the aroma (it smelled phenomenal)! The unsweetened coconut in the smoothie definitely adds a lot of rich, coconut flavor, but can make the smoothie taste a little chalky. Regardless, we were definitely a fan of this pseudo piña colada summertime smoothie.

4. Triple Berry Kiwi Smoothie via The Pretty Bee

  • Pinned: 167.4k
  • Favorites: 17.4k
  • Our score: 8.5/10


Holy taste buds! One of the most popular Pinterest smoothies we taste tested, this smoothie hit the spot for us. Filled with antioxidants, we were impressed by the flavor, color, and texture of this top-notch smoothie. Although a little tart, we would highly recommend trying this recipe for yourself!

5. Peach Green Tea Smoothie via Recipe Runner

  • Pinned: 44.7k
  • Favorites: 4.1k
  • Our score: 5/10

If you’re not a fan of smoothies with plain greek yogurt, then we recommend trying a different smoothie. And although the honey and green tea add a creative twist, this smoothie was unfortunately not our favorite.

6. Peach Strawberry Smoothie via You Should Craft

  • Pinned: 7.4k
  • Favorites: 628
  • Our score: 9.5/10

summer smoothie
This smoothie was by far our favorite! We loved the thicker consistency of the smoothie (although it was, we’ll admit, a bit of a pain to blend), and felt that it was flavorful, refreshing, and filling all at the same time. We recommend giving this recipe a shot this summer!

7. Orange Creamsicle Smoothie via The Recipe Critic

  • Pinned: 2.9k
  • Favorites: 237
  • Our score: 8/10

With a vanilla aftertaste, we will admit that this smoothie does, in fact, taste like a creamsicle. Needless to say, we’re a fan.

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