If you’re anything like the team at readers.com,  you’re probably dreaming of sunshine and warm weather right about now and scoping out a great pair of sunglasses to go with your shorts and flip flops…you know, when the day comes that you’ll actually be able to wear them! Sunglasses really are a year-round necessity, though, whether you want some polarized fishing sunglasses for a chilly weekend on the lake or driving sunglasses to block out the glare on the snow.

For anybody who likes to read, craft, sew, or partake in any activity that requires close attention to detail, polarized reading sunglasses are a must. Here’s some resources we’ve put together on the benefits of shading those eyes.

How Polarized Sunglasses Work

How to Test Sunglasses for Polarization

Affordable Polarized Bifocals

Myths and Truths about Polarized Sunglasses and Glare