Color psychology tells us that different colors can evoke different emotions and impact mood. After taking a look at the color wheel, we’ve come up with a list of colors you should wear to influence and show off your mood.

Psychology of Color for Reading Glasses


Powerful, passionate, and determined. Red tends to attract attention. If you’re looking for a boost of energy or you’re feeling assertive, reading glasses in a shade of red are a fitting choice.

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Light-hearted, gentle, and compassionate. Since the color pink symbolizes affection, it’s best worn in situations where you’re focused on listening, caring, and empathizing. So whether you’re coaching a friend or counseling your children, you’ll want your pink readers.

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Energetic, confident, and creative. Orange is inviting, making it one of the top choices for social settings. It’s also creative, lending itself to your artsy side. Heading to a get-together or sitting down to journal? Don’t forget your orange pair.

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Cheerful, positive, and whimsical. Yellow is that friend who always looks at the glass half full. Your yellow readers signal you don’t take life too seriously and you’re here to have fun.

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Growth, luck, and security. Green has multiple personalities–it’s Mother Nature’s favorite, representing freshness and restoration, but it’s also strongly associated with success and ambition. Whether you’re in the mood for relaxation or you’re on a mission, green can keep up.

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Peaceful, loyal, and focused. Blue takes the trophy for most popular. It’s immediately calming, but it also increases productivity, order, and efficiency. Your blue glasses are the optimal pair for work.

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Divine, inspirational, compassionate. Clear readers highlight your face’s natural glow and add uniqueness and connectivity to any outfit.

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