A great practice to ensure continued personal growth is to learn a new hobby, or rekindle a hobby that you have enjoyed in the past but haven’t made time for in a while. Having a hobby is a great outlet for creativity and fulfillment. At Readers.com, we understand that when it comes to your favorite hobby the right pair of readers is critical for those finite details. This is the motivation behind our new Hobbyist Collection. We are bringing you some of our favorite styles from the collection and are excited to see how they accompany you with your hobbies this year.

The Cooper Safety Reader  and The Clove Safety Reader

For the tool-wielding craftsman, we know how important the right pair of safety glasses is to complete your project. The Cooper Bifocal Safety Reader includes clear, OSHA approved ANSI Z87.1 polycarbonate safety lenses with a small section of magnification at the bottom of each lens. These readers will not only protect your eyes, but because they are bifocal readers, you don’t have to keep taking your safety glasses or reading glasses on and off!

The Petty

If this is the year that you decide to dust off your old piano and begin to play again, The Petty is the perfect pair of readers for deciphering those small little music notes. These fully magnified round readers feature a sleek plastic and metal combination frame.

The Lorelai Bifocal

If sewing is your hobby of choice, The Lorelai Bifocal will be the perfect accessory to help you focus on those details that really make your work standout. These retro square readers have a colorful floral printed frame and bifocal lenses that will help your creativity blossom.

The Melody

If you enjoy journaling and seek to take your writing style up a notch, consider a pair of The Melody. This reader’s bold two-toned pattern and fun cat eye shape are sure to have you in an innovative state of mind.

Disclaimer: All references to “bifocals” herein refer to readers having unmagnified lenses containing a “bifocal style” single powered reading glass insert located in the lower portion of the lenses.