Do you have a favorite place to take your readers? Whether you’re packing yours to travel the world or resting them on your nightstand, we’re all about highlighting where you use your readers most. Check out our 10 must-have pairs inspired by real locations!

Readers on Location

1. The Rochester Folding Reader

The Rochester Folding Readers

The Rochester Folding Readers were named with New York’s big-city feel in mind. Compact and convenient to suit your busy lifestyle, grab a pair of these readers for the days you’re on-the-go.

2. The St. Paul Sun Reader

The St. Paul Sun Reader

Forget about compromising style for function. Inspired by one of the Twin Cities, The St. Paul Sun Readers are a trendy must-have for the urban type. Be sure to bring these along to your next waterfront getaway!

3. The Telluride

The Telluride Readers

Telluride is known for its laid-back lifestyle and breathtaking views. Open your eyes to the world around you and achieve a casual look with our Telluride readers — they’re lightweight, comfortable, and sure to stay in style.

4. The Ann Arbor Bifocal Sun Reader

The Ann Arbor Bifocal Sun Readers

As a Big Ten university, UMich put Ann Arbor on the map. Are you cheering on your favorite team from the sidelines, hosting a pre-game tailgate, or getting active outdoors? The Ann Arbor Bifocal Sun Reader is the perfect pair for every sunny occasion.

5. The Prague

The Prague Readers

Prague is a favorite destination for world travelers, known for its old world beauty and preserved architecture. For a classic and timeless look, shop our Prague readers available in neutral colors.

6. The Buenos Aires Bifocal Sun Reader

The Buenos Aires Bifocal Sun Readers

We’ve named these cat eyes after the eclectic Argentinian city of Buenos Aires. Whether you’re shopping the streets or reading a new book on the beach, you’re sure to be in style with our Buenos Aires Bifocal Sun Readers.

7. The Palm Beach Sun Reader

The Palm Beach Sun Reader

The Palm Beach Sun Readers are an everyday essential this summer season. Inspired by the popular resort town, you’ll feel and look glamorous in these oversized shades.

8. The Florence

The Florence Readers

With geometric prints and splashes of color, The Florence captures the essence of the artsy Italian city. By adding some spunk to your daily look, these readers have earned themselves a spot in our Make a Statement Collection, too!

9. The Arizona Bifocal Sun Reader

The Arizona Bifocal Reader

The Arizona Bifocal Sun Readers are just what you need to survive the summer heat. With tinted lenses for protection and magnified bifocals for seeing up close and far away, we’re having a hard time thinking of a reason you wouldn’t snag a pair of these.

10. The Paris

The Paris

As one of the most renowned fashion cities in the world, these Paris-inspired readers instantly add glam. When grabbing lunch with girlfriends, you’re sure to be the topic of conversation in these paisley printed frames. Better yet, grab The Paris in several bold and bright colors.

Do you and your reading glasses have any travel plans this summer? Share with us on Facebook — we’d love to hear where you’re taking your favorite pair!