You don’t have to dread the day you stop working. Retirement should be something to look forward to! With step-by-step financial guides and insights to help you create meaning in this next phase of life, don’t miss out on retirement advice from the experts. These must-read books will help you plan for your future and create your own personal journey.


To Read Before You Retire:


How to Retire Happy 

by Stan Hinden 

Whether you’re planning to work for another decade or hoping to retire within the next few years, this book is a must-read. Author Stan Hinden was a Washington Post financial reporter for 20 years, and he’s well-versed on the subject of retirement planning. How to Retire Happy translates a complicated and often confusing topic into easy-to-understand language. Candid about his financial mistakes, you’re sure to learn from Hinden’s story as he discusses everything from long-term health care to interest on savings. The earlier you plan for retirement and begin saving, the more prepared you’ll be when the time comes!

To Find Meaning in Life’s Second Half:


The Encore Career Handbook 

by Marci Alboher

We’re living and working longer than our grandparents, and we care about making the second half of our lives count. Financial restraints prevent most of us from enjoying increased leisure time. From volunteering to setting off on a new career path, we’re entering a movement where people are creating their own encores to find meaning and contribute to society. If you’re planning to retire and you’re looking to volunteer, or you’re hunting for a new job, this is the book for you. The Encore Career Handbook blends stories and advice that will help you prepare to fund your second chapter.

To Change Your Perspective on Retirement:


The Joy of Retirement 

by David Borchard

Forget the traditional expectations of retirement. People today are redefining what it means to retire and so can you. With the help of David Borchard, an expert with over 30 years of experience in transition counseling, you too can live the life you’ve always dreamed of post-retirement. If you’re dreading the day you stop working for good, this is your go-to guide to help you get rejuvenated and excited about the next phase of life. You’ll be challenged to consider your goals and priorities and to make pertinent decisions about your future. From practical advice to dreams that are larger than life, this book covers what others of its kind lack — the personal journey of retirement.

To Plan Financially and Live Comfortably:


Sound Retirement Planning 

by Jason Parker

Transition from career to retirement with step-by-step advice from financial advisor Jason Parker. He’ll help you personalize your retirement plan based on everything that’s important to you. From beating inflation and anticipating taxes, to maximizing your cash flow and diversifying your accounts, Parker provides all of the crucial financial insights you need to set yourself up for comfortable living during retirement.

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