women wearing readers in bed with a greeting card

Right now, we’re all missing seeing our loved ones on a regular basis, dinners out with friends, and impromptu backyard gatherings with neighbors.

As the world holds their breath in anticipation of how the rapid spread of COVID-19 will impact us all, we are individually and collectively making a difference by committing to washing our hands regularly and frequently, practicing social distancing, and avoiding groups when possible.

Although we may feel isolated, there are many ways we can remain connected! From group chats and FaceTime sessions to leaving Facebook messages and sending old fashioned mail, checking in on those near and dear to us is more important now than ever.

Spreading happiness beyond our four walls is a core piece of the Readers.com® mission. Amid the impact COVID-19 has had on all of our lives, we remain committed to #SpreadingHappiness into the world and standing by you during this uncertain time.

We’ve designed four printable greeting cards to make it easy to send some happiness to someone without having to leave your home!

Printable Greeting Cards

image of four greeting cards

Simply choose your favorite (or favorites), click the button below each to open up the printable card, and print at 100% scale!  Write a heartfelt note inside to let the recipient you know you’re thinking of them, and send it on its way! 💌

Card 1: Sending Happiness Your Way

yellow greeting card sending some happiness your way

Card 2: Just a Note

just a note to say hello blue greeting card

Card 3: Happy Thoughts

Happy thoughts pink floral greeting card

Card 4: Hello

multilingual hello greeting card