Wow, this year is flying by! We’ve barely put away the Conversation Hearts, and now we’re preparing for some Irish fun on St. Patrick’s Day! If you have little ones in your life, holidays are the perfect time to make memories — and crafting and cooking are two great ways to do just that. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ideas to try out this year, so gather your supplies, gather your loved ones, and get busy!

1. Good Luck Charm Pom Pom Buddies

St Patrick's Day Craft: Good Luck Pom Pom Buddies

How adorable are these little guys? A quick trip to the craft store is all you need to prepare for this fun project. Made of glittery shamrocks and pom poms, this is both easy and kid-friendly — not to mention, perfect for your child’s (or grandchild’s) St. Patrick’s Day party!


2. St. Patrick’s Shamrock Pretzel Treats

St Patrick's Day Recipe: Shamrock Pretzel Treats

We’ve seen these chocolatey pretzel treats done in a number of ways, but we adore these shamrock ones. Done simply with M&Ms and chocolate frosting, this recipe makes for a truly festive, no-bake treat!

3. Green Kool-Aid Playdough

St Patrick's Day Craft: Green Kool-Aid Playdough

With the technology of today, it’s always good to get kids back to the basics. What better way than homemade playdough, made from lime Kool-Aid? This craft is super simple and is said to smell wonderful!

4. Lucky Charms Cupcakes

St Patrick's Day Recipe: Lucky Charms Cupcakes

Chances are, you may already have the main ingredient for this recipe in your pantry! Topped with frosting and garnished with sprinkles and cereal, these Lucky Charms cupcakes are sure to be magically delicious!

5. Girl Scout Thin Mint No Bake Truffles

St Patrick's Day Recipe: Thin Mint No Bake Truffles!

Have tons of cookies from the Girl Scout in your life? Here’s your chance to make use of them and take their deliciousness to the next level! Not only are these goodies simple to make, they are another no-bake option, making them the perfect hands-on treat for the kiddos!

6. Lucky Charms Snack Mix

St. Patrick's Day Recipe: Lucky Charms Trail Mix

A fun, sugary treat, this kid-friendly version of trail mix combines simple ingredients that are easy to find at your local grocery store. Need an idea for a festive party? Toss some party mix in cute St. Patty’s Day treat bags, tie with a bow, and give as a party favor!

7. Leprechaun Hat Treats

St Patrick's Day Craft/Recipe: Leprechaun Hat Treats

Perfect for the more dedicated crafters, this activity combines baking with crafting, resulting in an adorable leprechaun hat! The first step involves baking green sugar cookies, and ends with putting together the hat with M&Ms, frosting, and a glittery buckle.

8. Fizzy Patricks

St Patrick's Day Beverage: Fizzy Patricks (non alcoholic)

We can’t forget the drinks! The “Fizzy Patrick” is so simple that it only requires two ingredients — lemon-lime soda and lime sherbert! Accessorize with fun curly straws or green cups for the perfect addition to your Irish gathering!