If you’re anything like us, stockings are the last gift you’re bound to think about. Not to fear! This year we’ve compiled a list of the best stocking stuffers for every member of your family. Whether you need ideas for your grandchildren or pets, read on to discover some of our top picks this holiday season.

Stocking Stuffers for Your Wife


A stylish keychain is an easy way to add a personal touch to something boring, such as car keys (and the morning commute). Even though a keychain might not seem like the most exciting gift at first, keychains are great because your wife will see it every day. Finding a unique keychain that holds personal value is key. Try her favorite store, or find beautiful keychains here.


Unless she has a food allergy, you really can’t go wrong with chocolate. Find a few treats at your local chocolate shop and add them to the top of her stocking. If you put them at the bottom, the chocolate could melt when you light the fireplace!

Moisturizing Products

Skin gets dry during the cold winter months. A bottle of luxurious lotion or moisturizer for her face will not only be appreciated, but it will also be used. Find products at a store like Bath and Body Works that offers a wide variety of body lotions. For face product, we suggest doing a little bit more research. See which brand she typically uses, or go to a department store and ask for advice from an expert.

Stocking Stuffers for Your Husband

tools christmas stocking stuffers

Handy Gifts

What do men like more than new tools? New gadgets. Combine the two and you get something along the lines of this.

Wallet or Money Clip

If his wallet has seen better days (and he refuses to get rid of it), consider gifting him an upgrade. Whether he’s sporty or traditional, you can find a lot of good options in diverse styles at Nordstrom.


Sunglasses make great stocking stuffers for a number of reasons. First, they will almost certainly be used before spring. Even though people don’t always associate sunglasses with the winter, driving with snow on the ground and the sun shining brightly can be annoying, and even slightly dangerous. If he’s always breaking his sunglasses (we’ve all been there), consider a pair of inexpensive shades. And if he wears reading glasses, a pair of reading sunglasses will do the trick.

Fitness Tracker

Whether it be a Fitbit or even an Apple Watch, a fitness tracker really does increase activity (well, at least in menopausal women). Besides health benefits, wristbands like these can also connect to smartphones through Bluetooth and can notify the user when they have a text message or calendar event.

For Your Kids

Tech Accessories

Vibrant phone casesCord tacosCharging docks. With the rising popularity of smartphones and tablets, there have never been more options when it comes to technology accessories. Upgrade your son or daughter’s phone to match his or her personality with a new phone case or technology accessory.

Calendar Planner

If your kids are still in school, consider getting them a trendy planner for the new year. With tons of options on Amazon, you can almost certainly find a calendar that matches their personal style and workload.

Coffee or Tea Gadgets

From coffee grinders to tea steepers, caffeine accessories have never been more abundant. This Christmas, help your college kid stay awake with a few tools for their beverage of choice. Tea lovers will rejoice with tea ware from a trusted store such as Teavanna, while coffee drinkers will be happy with a new french press or some quality coffee.

Fun Socks

Don’t dismiss socks. Although it might seem like the gift you buy when you don’t know what to get someone, there is nothing better than putting on a pair of comfortable socks. Even better if they’re fun. Check out our favorites here.

For Your Grandchildren

stocking stuffers for kids

Gummy Bear Light

Your grandkids already love gummy bears. Giving them a gummy bear light just makes sense. You can find fun lights in almost any form, but these adorable bears from UncommonGoods light up when you squeeze them, which makes them our favorite.

Silly Putty

What kind of kid doesn’t love silly putty? You can find this old time favorite from pretty much any toy store, or make it with your grandchildren on Christmas day.

Fake Tattoo Sleeves

Similar to the gifts above, fake tattoo sleeves are sure to please grandchildren because of their goofy nature. Order a 6-pack and watch them run around all day with their new ink. Electric guitar and mohawk not included.

For Your Pets

pet stocking stuffers

Da Bird

Fact: all cats love Da Bird. Incredibly simple in design (it’s just a fishing pole with a feather attached), cats will go crazy over this toy for hours. If your cat is a good hunter, make sure to buy a few feather replacement packs as well!


Just like humans, pets love treats, too. Don’t forget to stock up on your pet’s favorite snack this holiday season!