With these hot, sunny days, I begin to daydream of the ocean and relaxing at the beach nestled in a good book.  Then reality sets in, and I find myself in my cubicle, surrounded by office buzz, and longing desires as I peer out the window.  Don’t get me wrong — I am thankful to be here because it is rad 🙂  —  but my true heart desires to at least be poolside.

So, here is to all those whose hearts are with mine. Grab a book (check out this list if you need some suggestions), put on your swimsuit, and pick one of my favorite things — the perfect summer drink!

The Key West Reading Sunglasses

Not just a Southern thing,  sweet tea hits the spot when catching some rays.  Check out those lovely Key West Reading Sunglasses — kind of sweet-tea inspired, right?

The Azalea Reading Sunglasses

Lemonade epitomizes summer, in my humble opinion.  That delicious sweetness is so refreshing on a perfect sunny day.  That tall glass of goodness looks a little like the Azalea Reading Sunglasses, hmmm?

The Avenue Reading Sunglasses

It’s lemonade again, but this time it’s all jazzed up and pretty in pink.  Pink lemonade may not be as tasty as the regular, but the color is stunning and a perfect accessory for sitting poolside!  The color and perfection remind me of the Avenue Reading Sunglasses — both stunning!

I hope your summer fares well and you get to enjoy many days in the beautiful weather.  Take time to check out the cool new styles just for summer!  As for me, I will keep dreaming, but there is always the weekend!

Happy Summer!