You’re the type of person who doesn’t like to fall into trends because you don’t want to look back at photos of yourself and have to tell your kids, “Those eyeglasses really were cool back then.”

Eyewear trends come full circle, but you might have to wait a pretty long time between revivals. For example, right now 1950s and 1960s-style retro square glasses, cat’s eye glasses and browline glasses are making a comeback, but my bet is five years from now we’ll chuckle about this.

If you want a pair of timeless eyeglasses that won’t look dated for years to come, consider a pair of rimless reading glasses or semi rimless readers.

What makes rimless readers so timeless? Their lack of frame! Notice that the common denominator of outdated eyeglasses is the frame, not the lens (unless we’re talking about those terrible colored lenses from the 1960s).

Rimless reading glasses and half frame rimless reading glasses are intellectual, classy and professional looking. They’re not too big or overpowering, and they don’t change your appearance as much as other eyeglasses.