Here at, we understand how difficult life can be. We know plans don’t always work as intended. We recognize the everyday struggle of trying to find ways to simplify our complicated, engrossed life. We get it, life is tough, which is why our team comprised a list of the ten essential apps just for you that make each day a lot less stressful and more enjoyable for you. Hope you enjoy!

1. Mint

It can be confusing and even frustrating finding an app that keeps your spending and personal budgets on track. One of the best apps we found and love is the app. This app acts as a financial conscience helping you budget, track expenses, create and manage goals, and also monitor your credit score. Stay on top of your financial spending by receiving alerts about late fees, bill reminders, and also weekly spending summaries so you’ll never have to worry about missing a payment, going over budget, or spending too much dough on coffee.  

2. Gogobot

Awarded the go-to app for travelers, this app is the all in one travel guide you’ll ever need. Not only does this app offer excellent suggestions for food, hotels, and attractions based on your personal preferences, but it also connects you socially with your friends and other travelers so you can share your itinerary, receive recommendations, and keep up to date on new attractions and events going on near you.  

3. WebMD Symptom Checker

A source for trusted health advice. From answering health questions to looking up symptoms, this app answers any medical questions you might have. For those who want to go a step further, this app is a source of healthy tips that help you sustain a daily healthy lifestyle.

4. Google Maps

The best GPS you can ever ask for, Google Maps is reliable, secure, and far more efficient than the competitors. This app gets you where you need to go, providing you with turn-by-turn directions, and traffic updates to ensure you have the shortest commute possible. What makes this app stand out is its ability to provide you with effective directions whether you are driving, walking, cycling, or taking public transit. Never worry about getting lost ever again.

5. Dinner Spinner 

With a collection of over forty thousand recipes, dinner spinner is the app you need whenever you are putting on that apron to cook up something special. With its extremely user-friendly interface, you can find a dinner recipe that works perfectly for any setting. Whether you are hosting a family dinner or are looking for a healthy dinner for two, this app makes cooking not only easier but a lot more fun. Download on:  Android / Apple

6. Bakodo

For those of you always looking for the best deals, this is the app for you. Scan or search any product and find the best prices and deals to help you save. Always make the best decision with product information right in the app itself. If their product is in another store, no need to worry — you can buy the product right within the app using Apple pay.

7. Heads Up

We all need that one game to have for those relaxing nights with friends and family. Heads up is that game that never fails to excite everyone in the room. Choose from a variety of categories and try and guess the word on the card using clues from your teammates before the time runs out. A game that brings out the laughter in all of us, no matter the age. Family game night is back! Download on: Android/ Apple 

8. Grubhub

Have you ever come home from a long day to a house with no food? Tired of ordering pizza delivery? Well, this app makes your life a lot easier. Grubhub offers a variety of restaurants that deliver right to you. As you commute home, simply access the menu from the app, choose exactly which meal you want, decide the method of payment, and boom, your food arrives just as you get home. Gone are the late night Chinese delivery meals. An excellent meal minus the hassle.

9. Etsy

If you are ever looking for some crafty, handmade, vintage goods, then download the Etsy app. An essential app for online shoppers, Etsy makes shopping for unique products easy and fun. Concerned about the products, have any questions, or want to personalize a product, this app connects you directly to the shop owners.

10. Over

The final app we recommend is an app that turns anyone into a designer. The Over app gives you a platform to break out your creative side. Whether you want to make a greeting card, design a picture, express your feelings, this app provides you with endless opportunities to see what you can do. Create your custom design for your next Christmas card and show all your friends and family the designer in you.