Are your eyes playing tricks on you? Where optical illusions are concerned, they might be doing just that. Sometimes what you see really isn’t what it seems.

Optical illusions come in all forms: from  false horizons, to misperceived heights, to a sidewalk chalk masterpiece. When the visual areas of the brain receive and process the image you are looking at, the eyes sometimes see something different than the brain; this causes a disconnect between the immediate visual impression and the object’s actual properties. And Voila! An optical illusion is born.

Aside from testing your brain, optical illusions are a great way to learn about what your eyes are capable of — not to mention, they’re a fun break from mundane Monday activities. So grab a pair of computer readers and sneak a peek at these awe-inspiring illusions. It’ll be a welcomed exercise for your eyes and  mind, and before you know it, you’ll start questioning whether or not you really do believe everything you see! 🙂

Where the sidewalk ends…

literal eye tricks


We’re not sure we’d be able to walk straight on this floor!

cool optical illusions


This is the coolest rainbow art we’ve ever seen:

optic illusions


Home decor that makes you think: What will it be, yes or no?

 word optical illusion


It’s not exactly a mind trick, but this is just beautiful:

eye tricks


Upside down or right side up?

best optical illusions


For the cartoon nerds out there…

funny optical illusions


A DIY optical illusion? Yes, please!

DIY handbag


An oldie but a goodie: Do you see a young or old woman?

 optical illusions for the kiddos


Coffee cup illusion 🙂

3D pictures


For an extensive list of optical illusions for you and the kids, check out our Guide to Optical Illusions. For more information on optical illusions and how they work, read this article at ABC News.

Have a fabulous week!