It’s your wedding anniversary and you’re running out of celebration ideas. Do you plan some sort of surprise? Go to a fancy dinner? Take a trip? You have the best intentions and you want to make each year special in its own way. But how?

That’s where we come in. We’ve taken the age-old anniversary gift suggestions — you know, paper for year one, cotton for year two, leather for year three, and so on  and created a list of traditional, unconventional, budget, and splurge ideas for you and your spouse. Put your own spin on the following ideas to make your next big day truly one-of-a-kind.

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Crystal Anniversary Gifts

Traditional: Swarovski figurines

Swarovski screams classic (in a good way!). With so many different figurines to choose from, pick one that represents marriage, like the love swans.

Unconventional: Cristal champagne

Can you think of a better way to celebrate than with champagne? Surprise your spouse with Cristal, and save the gold-labeled bottle as a keepsake.

Budget: Faux crystal picture frame

A classy crystal picture frame goes with nearly every decor. Simply add your favorite photo from your wedding day to recreate that special moment from 15 years ago.

Splurge: Luxury watch with a crystal face

Regardless of the brand you choose, this gift has a pretty price tag. If it’s something your spouse could wear every day, this might be the year to treat them to that luxury watch they’ve always dreamed of.

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Traditional: Holiday china set

You already have your wedding china so now it’s time to buy a set for fun. Just think of all the fancy holiday dinner parties you’ll want to host!

Unconventional: Chinese takeout

Let us explain. An unconventional approach to celebrating your 20th could go a little something like this: Plan a romantic date night at home, complete with a screening of your favorite movies and a side of hot & sour soup.

Budget: DIY coffee mug

Stop by your local craft store for a white porcelain coffee mug (or a few if you want to have backup) and a porcelain paint marker. Write a sweet saying, bake it in the oven for 10 minutes at 150 degrees, and voilà!

Splurge: Walk the Great Wall

Never been to China? If this destination is on your bucket list, now might just be the right time. Note to procrastinators: Planning is highly suggested.

25th Anniversary Gifts

Traditional: Engraved jewelry

Men, jewelry is always a good idea. If it’s engraved, even better! Women, go with cuff links for a traditional take.

Unconventional: Visit the Southwest

Take a trip to the Southwest and hunt for interesting silver jewelry. You’ll find lots of turquoise, too  which is a plus in our book!

Budget: Serving platter

After 25 years of marriage, you probably have all of the necessities. Shop for something unique, such as hammered textures and patterned engravings.

Splurge: Silver Mustang

GT, Shelby, and the all-new Ecoboost  he will love anything you choose. And ladies, who doesn’t love a convertible to cruise around in?

30th Anniversary Gifts

Traditional: Pearl necklace

Pearls go with everything. You can dress them up or dress them down. If your wife has never owned a classic pearl necklace, now is the time.

Unconventional: Oyster appetizer

Plan a date night at your favorite restaurant (that has oysters, of course). Order oysters as an appetizer and toast to 30 years of marriage!

Budget: Mother of pearl jewelry box

Replace her old jewelry box with a shiny new one. Plus, she can use this one as an accessory on the bathroom counter!

Splurge: Tour Pearl Harbor

Plan a trip to Oahu and get a dose of history at the same time with Pearl Harbor.

40th Anniversary Gifts

Traditional: Ruby and rose gold jewelry

Rubies and rose gold go together like George Washington and the one dollar bill. Bonus: She probably doesn’t already own many rose gold accessories.

Unconventional: See The Ruby Slippers

Plan a sightseeing tour of the nation’s capital and stop in the Smithsonian to see Dorothy’s ruby slippers.

Budget: Red wine

Pick up your favorite bottle of red and enjoy it over a romantic, home-cooked meal.

Splurge: Visit the Grand Canyon

Never been to the Grand Canyon? It’s a must-see on everyone’s list. Watch the sunset over the canyon and capture the deep colors that are unlike anything you’ve seen before.

50th Anniversary Gifts

Traditional: Gold watch

Just like pearls, gold goes with anything and everything. A gold watch is not only a staple, it’s also a classic. You simply can’t go wrong.

Unconventional: Hermès scarf

It’s every woman’s dream. For your 50th, choose a pattern that has a touch of gold weaved in.

Budget: Gold-dusted cake

Any cake bakery should be able to customize your cake with gold frosting and fondant. Enjoy with either a glass of wine or a glass of milk!

Splurge: Golden jubilee party

For the guy and gal that have everything, host a get-together with family and friends. Your 50th anniversary is a big one, and there’s even a name for the party  a golden jubilee.

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