If you’ve found yourself having trouble reading books and magazines, recipe cards, or digital screens, you’re not alone. After age 40, presbyopia can make reading objects with small type frustratingly difficult, which is why many look to reading glasses to correct their vision.

If you already wear reading glasses, but it seems like they’ve become less powerful, it may be time to reevaluate your vision’s needs. So what exactly does pr bbbesbyopia look like, and are there specific changes in your vision that you should be looking for?

Take a look at what this age-related farsightedness looks like so you when it’s time to invest in the appropriate vision correction. Following are a few visual examples of how presbyopia can affect your vision:

woman wearing glasses reading paper

Reading your mail is important, and not just for social updates and clipping coupons. Bills and other important statements and notices can be difficult to see if you don’t have proper vision correction.

using magnifying glass to read food can

If you have dietary restrictions, you know how important the information provided in a nutrition label can be. Reading cooking instructions and finding expiration dates are also common issues with food packages. Presbyopia can cause you to have trouble reading any of this smaller print.

woman looking at phone with hand on temple

Communication designed to be quick and efficient through a mobile device can often be slowed down by the effects of presbyopia. Smaller type in text messages and emails can appear blurry and hard to read, and enlarging the text in your mobile device’s settings can be tedious — not to mention a potential privacy risk.

man wearing glasses reading menu

A night out is a great way to treat yourself, but it can quickly become frustrating if your presbyopia affects your ability to read the fine print on a restaurant menu. It can also feel embarrassing to ask the person you’re with, or even the server, for help reading details and price points.

night driving with halos on lights

Low-light conditions are difficult for anyone to see clearly, but driving at night adds another risk factor — especially for those who experience presbyopia. The condition intensifies glare from oncoming headlights and street lamps, which can be a danger to you and other drivers.

Correct Your Presbyopia with a Pair of Reading Glasses

Presbyopia is common and it is easily manageable with the right pair of reading glasses, no matter what lens power you need. The great news is that there are many shapes and colors of readers to choose from—and many don’t look like reading glasses!

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Reading glasses help to sharpen your vision for reading print up close — whether on a menu, in a book, or on a digital screen.