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Blue Light Reading Glasses

Blue light technology can help filter blue light* when you are working on your computer screen or using electronic devices. The technology in the blue light lens are near clear which means you can reduce eye exposure without distorting the colors you see. Also available with magnified lenses, known as "blue light reading glasses", for those seeking the benefits of both.

  • Lenses have three distinct viewing areas: reading power at the bottom, intermediate power in the middle, and your conversation power at the top.

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  • Your selected magnification throughout the lens and an anti-reflective coating or lens tint to reduce eye strain.

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  • No magnification in the lenses, but reduces screen glare with tinted lenses or anti-reflective lens coatings.

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Blue Light Filter Glasses & Readers

Looking for reading glasses with blue light filtering technology? Our blue light solutions are purpose-built for those seeking relief from eye strain and eye fatigue related to exposure to blue light emitted from digital screens:

  • Shop fully magnified Blue Light Readers, also known as Computer Readers, to help reduce screen glare and alleviate symptoms of digital eye strain while providing your reading power throughout the lens. These reading glasses for the computer or other digital devices will become your go-to.
  • Multifocal reading glasses are a multi-purpose pair of readers that have three different powers for reading, computer use, and interacting with others -- all in one lens! Shop your standard reading power in this style and be impressed by the clarity of your everyday tasks!  
  • Learn more about our blue light glasses lens technology.
  • Curious to learn more about computer or blue light readers? Visit our "What are Computer Readers?" guide.

Blue light is a type of high-energy light in the visible light spectrum. You can be exposed to blue light from both natural and artificial sources. The sun is a natural source of beneficial blue light, and it helps regulate our body's natural sleep cycle. Artificial sources of blue light, however, can be harmful with prolonged exposure. Artificial sources of blue light include digital screens, electronic devices, and fluorescent and LED lighting.

*Filters an average of 30% of potentially harmful blue light as measured at 5nm increments in the 415-455nm range. Covered under U.S. Pat. No. 8,360,574. Other U.S. and foreign patents pending.