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Blue Light Reading Glasses

Lenses with blue-violet light filtering technology filter a percentage of the blue-violet light *that comes from natural sources, such as the sun, as well as artificial sources, including digital devices. Blue light reading glasses are also available, for those seeking blue-violet light filtering technology and the magnification of readers.

  • Lenses have three distinct viewing areas: reading power at the bottom, intermediate power in the middle, and your conversation power at the top.

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  • Your selected magnification throughout the lens and an anti-reflective coating or lens tint to reduce eye strain.

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  • No magnification in the lenses, but reduces screen glare with tinted lenses or anti-reflective lens coatings.

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  • 36 items
  • 36 items
  • 36 items
Featured Products

Blue Light Filtering Glasses and Readers

Looking for reading glasses with blue-violet light* filtering technology?

  • Shop fully magnified Blue Light Readers, for all the benefits of readers plus blue-violet light* filtering technology. In addition, the anti-reflective coating increases clarity by reducing reflections.
  • Multifocal reading glasses are a multi-purpose pair of readers that have three different powers for reading, computer use, and interacting with others - all in one lens! Shop your standard reading power in this style and be impressed by the clarity of your everyday tasks!  
  • Learn more about our blue-violet light filtering glasses and lens technology.
  • Curious to learn more about computer or blue light readers? Visit our "What are Computer Readers?" guide.

*Blue-violet light is between 400-455nm as stated by ISO TR 20772:2018.