Clear Frame Reading Glasses

It’s clear this frame color has become a fashion trend you don’t want to miss! Clear frame reading glasses are a stylish option for anyone who wants their frame to blend in with their facial features.

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  • 1-29 of 29 items
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Clear Reading Glasses

Clear has once again become a popular frame color choice for men and women! Join in on the fun with a subtle look.

  • Transparent frames suit any wardrobe or fashion style making it a very versatile frame color.
  • Focus on finding the frame shape that complements your face shape, as clear glasses frames look great on nearly every skin tone!
  • If you love clear frames but still want to make a statement, we recommend shopping the styles that have a clear frame front with accent-colored temples.
  • These fashionable reading glasses start at just $14,95, making it easy to keep your eyes and wallet happy.
  • Unsure what reading glasses power you need? Try our Power Finder Guide.