Gold Reading Glasses

A pair of gold reading glasses will give you a polished, sophisticated look. This collection features different frame shapes, sizes, and reading powers to help you find the perfect pair.

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  • 1-22 of 22 items
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Gold Frame Reading Glasses

Our gold frame reading glasses include styles with clear lenses or reading sunglass lenses.

  • Many of our traditional reading glass shapes like round, oval, and rectangular include a gold color option for a classic look.
  • Our aviator frames are available in fully magnified, bifocal, and reading sunglasses options.
  • Unsure which frame size will work best for you? Our handy guide will help you to find the perfect frame size.
  • Looking for metal frames in other colors? Shop all metal frame readers.
  • Learn more about presbyopia, the term for what happens to our eyesight as we age and close-up reading becomes more difficult.