Do you have specific questions about’s products? Perhaps you need help finding the best frames for your face shape or have unique reading glasses requirements? These product-related articles include all frequently asked questions about our readers and how to find the perfect pair for your needs.

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How do I determine what reading glasses power I need?

How do I determine the best frames for my face shape?

How will I know if your reading glasses will fit me?

Do your glasses have a warranty?

What are multifocal reading glasses?

How do your bifocal style reading glasses work?

Do you sell reading glasses with different powers in each eye?

Do your glasses come with a case, pouch, or cleaning cloth?

Can I buy your frames and put new prescription lenses in them?

How do I enter my eyeglass prescription?

Will your reading glasses help my vision?

What happens if my item arrives broken or defective?

I received a Prop 65 warning at checkout. What does that mean?

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