Unmagnified Blue Light Glasses

Have you noticed your eyes are tired after spending all day looking at the computer screen, your phone, and the television? Give them a break! These unmagnified (plano) blue light glasses feature lens technologies to help block blue light* and ease eye strain caused from prolonged use of digital devices. Now featuring Foster Grant® Eyezen™ and Blue Light e.Glasses styles!

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Unmagnified Blue Light & Computer Glasses

Unmagnified blue light glasses are perfect for those who don’t need any vision correction, but are looking for a way to protect their eyes from blue light and glare, which can lead to Digital Eye Strain.

  • These computer glasses without magnification will be your best friend while on your digital devices at work or home!
  • Foster Grant® Eyezen™ styles have two lens technologies to provide a heightened layer of protection against digital eye strain. The first is a patented lens coating that blocks approximately 29% of potentially harmful blue light,* and the second is a SmartFocus™ Technology that slightly enhances the lower portion of the lens to help your eyes remain relaxed while using your digital devices.
  • Foster Grant® Blue Light e.Glasses help block 30% of potentially harmful blue light* and reduce the temporary effects of digital eye strain. The innovative lens coating technology of e.Glasses reduces glare, improves contrast, and provides 100% UVA/UVB protection.
  • *Lenses do not block all blue light. Lenses help reduce the amount of potentially harmful blue light transmitted through the lens and varies between lens types. Harmful blue light refers to the 415-455 nanometer range of the visible light spectrum.