Our Team

About Affordable Style

Readers.com is a division of Affordable Style, a network of e-commerce stores that offer low-cost alternatives to high-priced designer fashion accessories. Since its founding in 2005 with the purchase of its premiere domain, Affordable Style has experience marked growth.

By Summer 2008, Affordable Style consisted of three stores and 11 employees. A year later, we welcomed the first group of interns and found ourselves expanding our office space to make room for more inventory and employees.

Today, our team is 21 strong and manages nine sites. We pride ourselves on providing a wide selection of affordable products, backed by a team that is passionate about providing the best possible experience for every customer.

Company Culture
Here at Affordable Style, a unique company culture based in genuine personal connection is our norm. As the team continues to grow, we will undoubtedly maintain relations akin to a close-knit family. We want the work environment to offer not only valuable professional experiences, but an enjoyable, innovative atmosphere. Our camaraderie, as well as our confidence in our products has helped us excel in our industry.

Angie and Randy, COO and CEO
The brains and brawn behind the operation, Angie and Randy Stocklin founded Affordable Style and maintain a steady presence. Randy leads the company’s strategy, via involvement in marketing efforts and business development. Angie is the go-to person for the company’s products – she finds them, orders them, receives them, manages fulfillment activity and helps with their photography. The company would be lost without these two.

Business Development
A one-man business development band, Josh adds stores to the Affordable Style network. He begins with brainstorming marathons, which produce potential niche markets. Then, he researches those markets and identifies potential stores to purchase. If later correspondence reveals an attractive acquisition, he collaborates with Randy and an offer is made. Ideally, the new store then joins the Affordable Style network!

Customer Experience
When it comes to customer service, our dynamic duo, Terryl and Lacey, are tops. Always willing to help, they handle all customer correspondence - be it a return, an order or a question about a product. If you have any issues at all, Terryl and Lacey are your girls.

Each time you receive an item from an Affordable Style store, the fulfillment team, headed by drill sergeant Melissa, is undoubtedly responsible. Once you place an order, fulfillment imports the invoices, prepares your package and ships it your way. If you’re not satisfied with a product, the fulfillment team receives your return, inspects the merch' and either returns it to inventory if the product isn’t damaged, or sends it to the Island of Misfit Accessories. The team (from left to right): Judy, Chris, Heather, Destinee and Melissa.

We have the best marketing team in the world - perhaps an exaggeration, though we at least have the best marketing team on this side of County Line Road. (If you’re not an Indianapolis native, there is quite the span on this side of County Line.) They’ve got serious synergy, always willing to put their minds together to devise new strategy. The team (from left to right): Jennifer, Alessandra, Mark, Danielle, Ryan, Haley and Bridget.

Masterpiece Maker is our photographer Sara's nickname around the office. Why, you ask? Each and every photo you see on our stores' sties was created by her genius. From product photos to artistic campaign art to these company portraits, Sara has it covered. She also shoots and edits our product and instructional videos.

Technology Development
We have some serious talent in our development department; in a word, Dale. Our development director keeps the place afloat, as without him, there would be no Affordable Style - literally. If a technology snag arises, we don't think twice about knocking on his metaphorical door to IT wisdom.