5 Best Practices for Reading Glasses Wearers

“My arms are getting too short!” It’s a common complaint among those of us over forty, as we begin to hold books and magazines further and further away to read them. We’re getting farsighted, and as much as we might try to fight it, it’s time to invest in a pair of reading glasses. Sure, […]

How to Wear Makeup with Glasses

How do you play up your finest features without your glasses getting in the way? How much makeup should you apply to accentuate your face and your frames? We consulted beauty expert and GLOSSY writer Cindi Lewis to get all the answers on how to wear makeup with glasses. 1. Don’t Overdo It Bear in mind that your […]

Do I Need a Pair of Computer Glasses?

Between your computer, your tablet, and your smartphone, these days you’re probably spending more and more time staring at screens. You’ve seen those special computer glasses, but you can’t help but wonder: Do they really make any difference? Are they worth a second look? According to the Vision Council, more than two thirds of us […]

Find Your Frames: The Spec Style Guide

Your personal style is important: It reflects who you are, and makes you look and feel great! And while it may be simple to overlook glasses as an accessory, your spec style can say a lot about you, too. So, are you classic, modern, creative, or scholarly? Do you tend towards handmade pieces, or are […]

Headed South This Winter? Don’t Forget Your Sun Readers!

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean it’s time to stash away your sun readers — especially if you’re jetting off to a warm and sunny destination! From biking along the beach to hosting a BBQ, check out our favorite reading sunglasses for all of your vacation activities.  Biking along the beach For a bike ride […]