The Lowdown on Eco-Friendly Readers

We all know the basics of reduce, reuse, recycle. A lot of folks, however, don’t think tossing those old newspapers, cans, and plastic bottles into the recycling bin can make a lasting impact. But when it comes to going green, little things like wearing eco-friendly accessories and recycling your readers can add up and make […]

Eye Health in Every Decade

Here at, we believe healthy eyes are happy eyes. We know that as you age, your eye health changes. That’s why we’ve put together a list of top tips for improving your eye health in nearly every decade of your life, from your 30s through your 60s. Read on for healthy advice — and […]

Making Screen Time Easy on the Eyes

You only really meant to read a quick text message that came in on your smartphone. But the message was from your daughter, telling you how well your granddaughter did at her dance recital. Then there was a Facebook link, your own Facebook page, and your email — and by then, things were starting to […]

Books to Love: 7 All-Time Favorites

At, we love a good, can’t-put-down book — or maybe even a whole library full of them. From fan favorites and must-read lists to up-and-coming authors, we’ve interviewed the greatest literary enthusiasts around. So what exactly is on their nightstand? Read on to find out, and be sure to check back regularly for the […]

5 Helpful Tips for Wearing Reading Glasses

“My arms are getting too short!” It’s a common complaint among those of us over forty, as we begin to hold books and magazines further and further away to read them. We’re getting farsighted, and as much as we might try to fight it, it’s time to invest in a pair of reading glasses. Sure, […]