6 Reading Glasses You Didn’t Know Existed

Most of us are familiar with reading glasses. We use our readers daily for everything from crossword puzzles to crafting, often keeping multiple pairs scattered throughout the house. What many people don’t know, though, is that there are more options than just bifocals and fully-magnified reading glasses. From computer readers to makeup readers, read on to learn more about the different types of reading glasses that you didn’t know existed!

1. Flexible Reading Glasses

Rough on your readers? We suggest trying a pair of flexible reading glasses! This type of frame is made from a strong, thin material that bends and twists without breaking. Flexible readers are also durable and lightweight, which makes them a great option for people those who are constantly on-the-go.

flexible reading glasses2. Reading Sunglasses

Sun readers are just like your regular pair of reading glasses except they have tinted lenses to protect your eyes from harsh UV rays. Like sunglasses, sun readers are available in a wide variety of tints. We even carry polarized options! If you enjoy reading outside or are planning your next tropical vacation, we suggest picking up a pair today.

reading sunglasses3. Computer Reading Glasses

According to an article by CNN, Americans spend over 10 hours a day in front of screens. This massive amount of time staring at your iPhone, tablet, etc., can take a toll on your eyes. Computer readers help relieve eye strain by filtering out harmful blue light that is emitted from electronic screens. You can learn more about the benefits of computer readers here.

computer reading glasses4. Folding Reading Glasses

Hauling around readers with a big, bulky case can be incredibly annoying. If you’re looking for convenience, try a pair of folding readers. These collapsible reading glasses fold perfectly into a small case that won’t clutter your purse when you’re on the move.

folding reading glasses5. High Power Reading Glasses

If your eyes need a little more help than they used to, drugstore readers just won’t cut it. As you age, your eyesight will inevitably get worse. You even might start to realize that your eyesight changes more quickly than it used to. Don’t worry, you just need readers with a stronger power. While high power reading glasses can be difficult to find at the store, there are a ton of options online.

high power reading glasses6. Makeup Reading Glasses

Makeup readers? You better believe it. These nifty readers are specifically designed to help apply makeup. Work on one eye, then simply slide the magnification over to the other eye when you’re ready. For tips on how to wear makeup with glasses, check out our guide here.

makeup reading glasses

History of Eyewear Quiz

Believe it or not, there was a time when eyewear did not exist. People lived their lives with blurry vision, navigating a blurry world. Weird, right? From sunglasses to eyeglasses, eyewear has come a long, long way from where it started. Whether you’re a history buff, or just want to learn a few fun trivia facts, take our quiz to see how much you know about the history of eyewear. Good luck!

A Beginners Guide To Readers


So it’s time; you begin to have trouble reading the fine print in front of you. We’ve been there; coming to the realization that it’s time to wear reading glasses can be a troubling feeling at first. Don’t worry; we are here to help you see how easy it can be. 

Our teams’ goal is to provide you with the roadmap to your new path, to prevent you from making any wrong turns along the way. We hope to offer information about reading glasses in general, with some small pieces of advice that we found helpful. We also understand that everyone is different. Therefore we offer different tips tailored to match different lifestyles. Please, allow us to help you bring your life into focus.

Each section provides an assortment of advice that helps you incorporate readers into your life:

-What Is My Lens Power

-Which Frame Works Best For Me

-Making My Readers Last

What Is My Lens Power:

The first step we recommend taking when you begin to notice a cloud of fog is obscuring the text in front of you is to see an eye doctor. While online tests and other methods can be helpful in determining what power you need, they will be even more accurate if you have some basis of what your true eye prescription is. An eye doctor will provide you with the precise information you need so you can make the best judgment on where to start. Be aware that the glasses sold at the doctors can be pricier than other options. You can find specialized readers online for the same quality, but lower price.

As you age, your eyes age with you. We recommend doing an online exam to determine if you need to move up or change powers. Remember, if you decide to take the test – always refer to the lower power, meaning if you can see +2.5 and +2.25 clearly, use the +2.25 power

Be aware that wearing readers does not weaken or strengthen your eyes in the long run. Choosing to not wear readers can only cause temporary headaches or eyestrain. If you are experiencing these symptoms while wearing readers, it might be due to an incorrect power or fit, be sure to consult your doctor and the company you bought from to ensure you have the right fit for your eyes.

Lastly, if you are in need of a powerful strength and are worried that your eyes will be blown up through the lens magnification, consider wearing aspheric lenses. Using the same technology as cameras, aspheric lenses weigh less and reduce distortion without compromising optical quality.

Which Frame Works Best For Me:

While there are numerous different frames and styles, we recommend starting off with something simple such as either full frames or half frames.

Full Frames 

  • Full frame black readers Entire lens is magnified.
  • Typically worn only for a short period.
  • Most common pair with the widest variety of colors, designs, and shapes.

Pro: Provide a full clear vision when working on detailed tasks or single focused projects. 

Con: Frequently having to take glasses on and off when switching between near and far-sighted views.

Half Frames

  • Half Frame Semi-Rimless Bronze Reading GlassesEnhance nearsighted vision while giving you an unobstructed view of the distance.
  • Lightweight and easy to store.
  • Common styles include the pocket readers and foldable readers.

Pro: Provides ease as you shift focus between two different tasks.

Con: Some of the smaller designs tend to be more fragile and delicate than other styles.  

Once you become accustomed to your readers and want to try another type of style, see if bifocals are something that works for you.  


  • Full Frame Bifocals black and brownClear lens with a magnified portion on the bottom that focuses on nearsighted items.
  • Common to wear for long periods throughout the day.
  • Popular styles include sun readers which allow you to use your readers outdoors and still have protection from the sun.

Pro: A solution for those who find it tiresome having to take their glasses on and off throughout the day.

Con: Can be difficult adjusting to the different magnifications for those wearing readers for the first time.

Something that I am sure you will learn in the coming months is the frustration of misplacing your readers. As you settle into bed, turn your lamp on, and open up your summer book, you realize you cannot remember where you last placed your readers (unfortunately, our eyesight isn’t the only thing that fades as we grow older). If you are not prepared this will happen to you and trust me, no one wants to get out of bed to search for a pair of glasses. When you purchase your first pair of readers, be sure to buy more than one pair. You’ll thank us later.

Take a second and go over your daily routine. Think about when and where you’d need readers throughout the day and prepare ahead. For those of you who like to read the morning paper, keep a pair of half frames in a kitchen drawer, while having another pair at work or in your room. Blue Readers Case Check out all the different cases and accessories that you can store your readers in so you don’t have to search around each time you need to read.

If you need help finding a pair that matches your face, check out our face shape guide. Once you know what power and frame you want, go to Readers.com where you can find a wide selection of options and styles. If you are still stumped, call our customer happiness team, and they will help you find the perfect pair that matches not only your facial texture but your lifestyle in general.

Computer Readers

Silver Computer ReadersIf your job entails looking at a computer screen for a multitude of hours, then be sure to check out computer readers. These glasses are designed to protect your eyes from the glare of the screen to prevent eye strain. The lens also has a modified magnification to adjust for the typical distance between your eyes and the computer. Check out this post to learn more about the benefits of computer readers.

Making My Readers Last

Now I am sure you are wise enough to understand basic concepts behind taking care of something as fragile as glasses, the goal in this section is not to repeat common rules, but to provide you with handy tips to ensure that the quality glasses remains the same as the day you bought them.

  • Blue Microfiber ClothMicrofiber cloths are your new best friend. We strongly suggest having a couple of different ones placed in your car, workspace, kitchen, and bedroom.
  • When dirt, sand, or dust get on your readers, run the lenses under water, add a touch of dish soap and then use your fingers to wipe away any remnants.
  • Do not use paper towels, tissues, or other household rags to clean or dry your glasses. The texture can cause scratches on the lenses. Use the microfiber cloths that you now have handy all over the house!
  • To avoid your glasses from stretching, be sure to use both hands when putting your glasses. Never put your glasses on top of your head for that same reason.
  • Taking your glasses on and off is even more frustrating when you have to search for a safe place to set them down. One way to get around this is to wear a cord or chain attached to the frames. With a wide selection, find one that matches your style and taste.

For more detailed specific information, learn more on our maintenance and cleaning page.

In the construction of this piece, our team kept two main points in mind:

  1. To provide information and tips that can be viewed and shared by new members of the readers community.
  2. To understand that everyone is different in how they go about their daily lives in regards to reading glasses.

We hope that you find guidance in this piece and that you pass this information to those around you because eyesight is a pivotal aspect of our lives that we often take for granted. It is not until that ability starts to fade that we realize the challenges we must now face each day.

If you have any personal stories, advice, or tips you would like to share, please feel free add comments or suggestions so we can continue to update our information so that no runs into trouble as they bring their life back into focus.

8 Must-Have Sun Reader Styles For Summer

It’s a Sunday afternoon — you have all the time in the world to relax. The sun is shining, with few clouds in the sky. It’s a little warm, but that’s okay because the wind is blowing just enough to keep you cool. Voila, it’s picturesque reading weather! You decide to sit by the pool and read your new book while splashing your feet in the water. Once you sit down, you realize there’s a slight problem. You can’t see the pages of your book because the glare of the sun is just too bright!

Many of us book lovers have been in similar situations. Luckily, Readers.com offers sun readers! Sun readers are sunglasses with reading glasses powers all in one. If you already have a favorite frame style of glasses, the same style can be found in sun readers. If not, check out our Face Shape Guide to figure out which frame looks best with your face shape.

Here are some of our best selling sun readers by style:

1. Aviators

The Hendrix Bifocal Sun Reader, $18.95


Aviators are very popular this season. They’re stylish yet practical and are worn by actors like Tom Cruise and Harrison Ford.

2. Browline

The Cayman Sun Reader, $19.95


Browline readers are trending this summer, which means a pair of these will keep you in-style.

3. Cat Eye

The Pearl Bifocal Sun Reader, $19.95


Cat eye frames are a perfect mixture of fun and practicality. They can spice up an outfit while allowing you to feel comfortable as you read a book.

4. Oval

The Agent Bifocal Sun Reader, $18.95


Oval frames are known for their functionality and style, plus they’re worn by influential actors like Johnny Depp.

5. Rectangle

The Alyssa Sun Reader, $15.95


Rectangle frames are great for people that want something simple and easy for everyday wear.

6. Retro Square

The Peace Polarized Magnetic Bifocal Sun Reader, $24.95



Retro square readers are great for everyday reading. They’re simple and perfect for either gender, no matter your age.

7. Round

The Drama Bifocal Sun Reader, $19.95




Achieve Ivy League status with our classy round reading glasses!

8. Square

The Randy Sun Reader, $17.95


Square shaped frames are great for everyday wear. They especially look good on people with rounder face shapes.

This summer, don’t let the sunlight keep you from reading a great book outside. Pick out your favorite style of sun readers to make your reading experience more comfortable and stylish. Happy reading!


Trend Alert — Eco-Friendly Reading Glasses

Bamboo temples? Recycled wood frames? That’s right people, the newest trend in eyewear isn’t metal or plastic — it’s eco-friendly readers! Our newest reading glasses not only look good, but are good for the environment, too. We like to call that a win-win. Read on to learn more about our five favorite eco-friendly readers this season.

fitzgerald reader

The Fitzgerald Recycled Wood Bifocal

Cue the nostalgia! These retro bifocals will bring you back to the 50s. But don’t break out the Elvis music just yet — we’ve given this classic look a modern update by adding recycled wooden temples.

rowan sun reader

The Rowan Bamboo Recycled Sun Reader

Head outdoors in style with The Rowan Bamboo Recycled Sun Reader. Smooth in both looks and texture, these sun readers feature real bamboo temples for added interest.

heather reader

The Heather Recycled Bamboo Reader

Just like The Rowan Bamboo Recycled Sun Reader, this reader features real bamboo temples. The only difference? A clear lens, a cat eye shape, and a whole lot of sass. They’re absolutely purrfect, darling.

charlie reader

The Charlie Recycled Wood Reader

With a rectangular shape, there’s something profound about our Charlie Recycled Wood Reader. Whether it’s that deep, rich color that the recycled wooden temples add, or the metal accents on the temples, these readers may just become your next go-tos.
expedition reader

The Expedition Recycled Wood Reader

Like The Charlie Recycled Wood Reader, this reader features deep, rich recycled wooden temples. With a strong rectangular face, The Expedition Recycled Wood Reader sports a strong, angular shape.

Love this trend? Shop all of our eco-friendly readers here >