Sarah Palin Gets A Reality TV Show

How do you spice up a reality TV show about life in Alaska?

Add Sarah Palin.

The former governor of Alaska is now starring in her own reality TV show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska,  and whether or not the show will be a plan of political genius or political disaster remains to be seen.

The reality show, set to air November 14 on TLC, focuses not only on Palin’s family life, but follows her as she shoots guns, climbs mountains, and spews catch phrases we all know and love. (“This is flippin fun!”).

The show produces a rugged, untamed view of Alaska’s landscapes, and no matter where Palin is in the wilderness, she always manages to stay chic in her signature rimless glasses. Palin’s glasses have become as identifiable as her poofy hair and folksy sayings, and in the show she’s wearing them virtually everywhere.

Whether or not doing a reality TV show is a good political move, it is sure to be a success in the pop culture media world. Palin has an intense fan following, from the millions who bought her book “Going Rouge: An American Life,” to her current viewers as a Fox News commentator, she has a huge influence on anything she touches.

Palin recently told Entertainment Tonight she might consider running for President in 2012, and with the election drawing closer by the day, the TV show could make or break her political ambitions.