Johnny Depp: New Movie, Same Glasses

Johnny Depp at Rango premiere
Johnny Depp at the “Rango” premiere wearing his classic, round nerd specs.

Johnny Depp, as charming as he is, can be a little bizarre at times, which is why his personality fits perfectly with that of the fun, but funky lizard he plays in upcoming film “Rango.”  In this new animation, Johnny lends his voice to play a pet lizard named Rango who gets lost from his owner and ends up in a western desert town called Dirt. Rango does his best to be the town hero as he and his critter friends travel and explore the dangerous desert.

The movie, which hits theaters March 4, was filmed much differently than other animated movies. Usually with animated movies, actors recite their lines individually, but this movie was created a  bit differently. All of the actors filmed together and acted out the scenes during the voice recordings. It is actually quite fascinating to watch.

What Johnny may not know about his lizard character, and you too might not know, is that lizards face a daily challenge. They have bad eyesight and a lack of peripheral vision. (Don’t ask me how I know this.) Perhaps that’s why Rango’s animation has overly emphasized, funny looking large eyes?

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Johnny Depp look-alike reading glasses