GLEE-ful Glasses

If there’s one show that’s has the world singing and dancing more than usual lately, that show’s got to be GLEE.

The hit Fox TV show first aired in 2009 and has only been gaining in popularity since, taking home several awards at the last Golden Globes.  “Glee” follows an eclectic bunch of high schoolers, all of them members of the school’s glee club, called New Directions.  The show can be hilariously funny, bitingly sarcastic, and surprisingly sincere, but one thing to really watch for is the music.

In every episode, different characters or groups of characters give their own performances of well-known songs.  After each episode, the covers from the show always seem to jump to the top of the iTunes list.

The cast of Glee

“Glee” has a fantastic cast of brilliant singers, many of them coming straight from the bright lights of Broadway, including Lea Michelle, whose big voice and fantastic role as the overachieving diva Rachel Barry make her a star of the show, and Matthew Morrison, who plays the loveable Mr. Shu (short for Shuester), the glee club’s advisor and teacher.

And if the music can’t draw you in, maybe the style can!  In addition to the flamboyant costumes used for musical performances, “Glee” likes to switch up the outfits of its characters, from “cheerio” cheerleading uniforms, to everyday high school fashion.

In one realm of style, however, “Glee” seems to remain fairly consistent, and that’s in eyeglasses.  Not a whole lot of characters wear glasses, but when they do bring the specs out, they always seem to be thick-rimmed and stylish.

Artie on Glee wearing glasses

Artie, played by Kevin McHale, rocks the glasses in every episode, and some short-lived characters like Sunshine, played by Charice and shown below jamming with Rachel (Lea Michelle), have worn black frames as well.

Sunshine, played by Charice, wearing glasses

Off set the trend continues!  Mark Salling, the bad boy Puck on the show, has shown a penchant for wearing some snazzy glasses to autograph signings and events recently.

Mark Salling wearing glasses

What do you think – do you like him with or without the glasses?  Do you wish Puck would start sporting some similar rockin’ glasses?  If you’re looking for a Glee-inspired look yourself, have a look at our full framed readers.

retro thick-rimmed glasses

The red bluff looks just like Salling’s style and will have you looking like a star in no time!

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