NCIS: Los Angeles’ Trendy Specs

Have you been tuning into the hottest show on television this season? In case you are wondering the show I am referring to, it is “NCIS: Los Angeles” of course! From chasing bad guys to outsmarting the next move of a criminal, this show is keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. This tantalizing drama also incorporates the most advanced technology and an intriguing story line. We give the inside scoop on some of the integral characters that make the show such a success.

“G” Callen

This charming NCIS Special Agent is played by Chris O’Donnell. Acting as one of the lead investigators, Callen is very loyal and protective to those around him, which stems from his time as an undercover op. An interesting fact about Callen is that he does not know his first name, and throughout the show he struggles to learn more about his unknown and mysterious identity.

Sam Hannah

Teaming up with Callen, Sam Hannah is a strong and honest character played by LL Cool J. Previously a navy seal, Sam is an NCIS Special Agent who is known for his physical strength and witty personality.

Sam Hannah

Henrietta “Hetty” Lange

Hetty is the Operations Manager at NCIS headquarters and is played by Linda Hunt. Hetty is the team’s fearless leader and hen mother in difficult times. Besides being the leader we all know and love, she is also known to have some fashionable attire. She is always seen in colorful business clothes, an eye catching broach and bold round glasses. For a similar style, check out The Studio in black and tortoise, but don’t forget to add the Baltimore Reading Glasses Chain in silver. With these two items, you will be looking like Hetty in no time!

Hetty LangeReading Glasses: The Studio

Eric Beal

This Tech Operator is played by Eric Christian Olson. Eric is the brains behind the operation  and often offers his technical help to the Special Agents. He uses the most advanced technology to research potential targets and even has the opportunity to portray an undercover agent. However, he is known for more than his special abilities because he also has a unique fashion sense! Eric wears a pair of fashionable specs that give his geeky personality a unique edge. For a similar style, The Bennett in brown could give you the same look!

Eric BealReading Glasses: The Bennet

“NCIS: Los Angeles” is one of television’s most popular shows this season and it’s not hard to see why. From dramatic scenes to fashionable style, this show has it all. Now you can look as trendy as these characters without having to be an NCIS agent!

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