Andrew Garfield Is “The Amazing Spider-Man”

Though it’s easy for the casual fan to assume, actor Rhys Ifans assures skeptics “The Amazing Spider-Man” is not just Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone replacing Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst.

In a recent interview with, Rhys gave insight on director Marc Webb’s vision for the new film set to be released in 2012.

“I think the films that have come before have been great, but what makes this one different is that Marc Webb has a forensic emotional eye,” he says. “So for all the flights and fancies that a superhero film delivers, inevitably there is a human domesticity to this that hopefully will make people leave the cinema loving their parents.”

However, the pressure to be the best is there, especially since Andrew knows he’s a little skinny for an epic, crime-fighting phenom.

“I love the idea of a skinny guy beating the crap out of big guys, just as pure personal fantasy fulfillment for myself,” Andrew says. “I think a lot of other skinny guys and skinny girls like me are going to hopefully watch a skinny guy in a red and blue suit beating the crap out of big guys and hopefully enjoy that.”

Hopefully. But for the times when Andrew will play Peter Parker without the swag, guess what facial accessory he’s sporting.

Yes, indeed: Hipster glasses. Want to unleash your inner super hero? Grab our version of Andrew’s retro tortoise glasses today!

tortoise reading glasses

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