From touch screens in cars, cutting edge mobile apps, and dozens of platforms entering the social media space on what seems like a daily basis, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and behind the curve. Learning new technology can seem intimidating, but with these five tips you will find yourself embracing the digital world in no time.


1. Explore the system on your own

Whether you are joining a social network, downloading an app, or purchasing a new smartphone it is very important to play around on the new system. By taking a few minutes each day to scroll through the device/system and click around you will become more confident in the layout and develop a sense for how it operates.


2. Ask questions

Once you have spent time playing around on the new system you are learning, you will have a sense of what you still need help with. At this point you will be ready to start asking questions, and that is completely okay! Because you took the time to explore the system on your own you will be able to ask the right questions to become even more familiar with the technology you are learning.


3. Don’t let other people take the reigns

When asked operational questions it can be easy for people to want to help by doing the task versus explaining how it is done. When asking a tech related question be sure the person you are asking allows you to be the one who completes the task while they explain the steps. This may sound simple, but by following their instructions you will be more likely to remember how you solved the problem.


4. Take notes

You were able to explore a new tech system on your own, figure out what you still needed help with, and learn how to problem solve within the system. Great work! Now take a minute to write down what you have learned, along with reminders for the next time you get stuck. You will be very happy you did this!


5. Learn the lingo

Retweet, hashtag, open a new tab, mentions. These are just a few terms that you may come across when exploring new technology. Whatever system you are working with, it is important to read through how other users are speaking, along with any articles about the system so that you can become familiar with the lingo associated with the technology. By learning the lingo you will gain a better understanding of the technology and the community associated with it.