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Learn the latest lens tints and frame materials, and view a list of glasses diagrams and terms.

Frame Styles & Types

Lens Coatings & Materials

Reading Glasses Frame Diagram

Reading Sunglasses, also known as Sun Readers

Lens Tints 

Glasses Frame Materials

Find your reading glasses power, strength, or prescription.

Eyeglass Prescriptions

What Power Reading Glasses Do I Need?

Non Prescription Reading Glasses

Master proper glasses care and keep your readers in tip-top shape.

Recycling Old Readers

General Maintenance and Cleaning 

How Did My Readers Get So Dirty?

How-to Videos

Before buying glasses online, brush up on these tips to find your perfect pair.

Buying Reading Glasses

Do You Need Reading Glasses?

How to Buy Reading Sunglasses

3 Easy Steps to Buying (and Giving) Glasses


Discover which frames best suit your face shape and your signature style.

The Best Readers for Your Face Shape

Celebrity Glasses Style 

Find Your Frames with The Spec Style Guide

Framed: A Spectacle Spectrum of Glasses Personalities

Browse our easy-to-follow tutorials for embellishing, adjusting, and fixing your frames.

How to Make a Reading Glasses Chain

How to Apply Stick-On Magnifying Lenses

How to Adjust Nosepads

How to Fix Rimless Glasses

How to Replace Nose Pad


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