Premium Reading Glasses

Premium Readers

This collection of optical quality reading glasses brings you high-quality frames with specialty lens features. Signature Collection

Signature Collection

A curation of handmade reading glasses in high quality acetate, exclusive to

Customizable Reading Glasses

Customizable Readers

Made-to-Order reading glasses that you can customize with your reading magnification in each lens.

Computer Reading Glasses

Computer Readers

High quality reading glasses that offer different benefits to make reading at your computer more comfortable.

Reading Glasses by felix + iris

Readers by felix + iris

Optical quality readers from our felix + iris brand.

Polarized Bifocal Style Reading Sunglasses

Polarized Bifocal Reading Sunglasses

The best of sunglasses and reading glasses combined. Each pair offers polarized lenses and UV protection, along with a streamlined reading bifocal lens.