Most of us are familiar with reading glasses. We use our readers daily for everything from crossword puzzles to crafting, often keeping multiple pairs scattered throughout the house. What many people don’t know, though, is that there are more options than just bifocals and fully-magnified reading glasses. From computer readers to makeup readers, read on to learn more about the different types of reading glasses that you didn’t know existed!

1. Flexible Reading Glasses

Rough on your readers? We suggest trying a pair of flexible reading glasses! This type of frame is made from a strong, thin material that bends and twists without breaking. Flexible readers are also durable and lightweight, which makes them a great option for people those who are constantly on-the-go.

flexible reading glasses2. Reading Sunglasses

Reading Sunglasses are just like your regular pair of reading glasses except they have tinted lenses to protect your eyes from harsh UV rays. Like sunglasses, reading sunglasses are available in a wide variety of tints. We even carry polarized options! If you enjoy reading outside or are planning your next tropical vacation, we suggest picking up a pair today.

reading sunglasses3. Computer Reading Glasses

According to an article by CNN, Americans spend over 10 hours a day in front of screens. This massive amount of time staring at your iPhone, tablet, etc., can take a toll on your eyes. Computer readers help relieve eye strain by filtering out harmful blue light that is emitted from electronic screens. You can learn more about the benefits of computer readers here.

computer reading glasses4. Folding Reading Glasses

Hauling around readers with a big, bulky case can be incredibly annoying. If you’re looking for convenience, try a pair of folding readers. These collapsible reading glasses fold perfectly into a small case that won’t clutter your purse when you’re on the move.

folding reading glasses5. High Power Reading Glasses

If your eyes need a little more help than they used to, drugstore readers just won’t cut it. As you age, your eyesight will inevitably get worse. You even might start to realize that your eyesight changes more quickly than it used to. Don’t worry, you just need readers with a stronger power. While high power reading glasses can be difficult to find at the store, there are a ton of options online.

high power reading glasses6. Makeup Reading Glasses

Makeup readers? You better believe it. These nifty readers are specifically designed to help apply makeup. Work on one eye, then simply slide the magnification over to the other eye when you’re ready. For tips on how to wear makeup with glasses, check out our guide here.

makeup reading glasses

Disclaimer: All references to “bifocals” herein refer to readers having unmagnified lenses containing a “bifocal style” single powered reading glass insert located in the lower portion of the lenses.