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Power Finder

Do you need reading correction only, or do you need both reading and distance correction?

Do you have your current readers handy?

What is your current reading power?

Do you need to hold things closer or further than you’d like in order to read clearly?

That’s okay! You can try one of these other options to find your power!

Print out a diopter chart to test yourself at home.


If you’re new to reading glasses, choose your age range.

Do you have a copy of your current prescription handy?

Please enter your prescription below. We’ll figure out your reading power based on your prescription.

O.D. (Right)
O.S. (Left)

That’s ok! Just contact us and we’ll help you find what you need.

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Your reading power is: +###

Unfortunately, Readers.com® does not have any +### reading glasses right now. The options below are the closest match:

Looking for blue light readers?

These special reading glasses help reduce eye strain and filter out a percentage of blue light while working on digital devices for long periods of time. Your reading power for blue light readers depends on how far you are from the digital screen.

desktops and laptopsShop +%%% Blue Light Readers › For a laptop or desktop (19+ inches away) use HALF your normal reading powermobile devicesShop +### Blue Light Readers › For a smartphone or tablet (12-18 inches away) use your normal reading power

Looks like you need customizable readers.

Right Eye (OD):
Left Eye (OS):

Sorry, but we don’t have what you need.

It looks like your prescription is a little too complicated for the standard reading glasses on Readers.com. Our sister store felix + iris can fill orders for custom prescription readers. We have hundreds of quality frames starting at just $119.

felix and iris

Reading Glasses Test

Uh-oh. You're holding menus farther and farther away. Fine text is becoming increasingly blurry. Then it hits you: you need reading glasses. While this is a natural occurrence as we age, we know it can be a hassle to find your reading glasses strength.

To make things easier, we've created a PowerFinder to point you in the right direction and help find your reading glasses prescription. Answer a few questions and we'll have your power in just minutes!