By Anna Barden

How to Pair Glasses with Gray Hair 

Your hair color can play a big role when it comes to finding your most flattering reading glasses. For gray hair, there are a few guidelines you can follow to achieve your desired look. One of the most important steps in this process is determining the tone of your hair. 

Warm hair colors pair well with warm frame colors, while cool hair colors often look best with cool-colored frames. If your hair is more silver, it’s considered a cool tone. If it’s more blonde, your hair is on the warmer side. 

The best glasses for gray hair can also depend on your skin tone and personal style. Read on to learn how to determine these characteristics and get our 10 picks for the best reading glasses for gray hair. 

What Color Glasses Frames Go with Gray Hair? 

The best color of glasses for gray hair depends on your shade of gray. If your hair is a warmer shade of gray, frames with warmer tones are your best choice. Frames with cool tones pair better with cooler-toned hair. 

Warm gray hair tones include dirty gray, blonde gray, and similar shades. Cool gray hair tones include salt and pepper, white, silver, and platinum. 

Cool hair tones — like salt and pepper, white, silver, and platinum — tend to be flattered by glasses frames in shades of the following colors: 

  • Black 
  • Silver 
  • Blue 
  • Purple 
  • Green 

Warm hair tones — like dirty gray and gray-blonde — look best with these glasses frame colors: 

  • Brown 
  • Tortoiseshell 
  • Amber  
  • Red 
  • Orange  
  • Gold 

Taking this into consideration, we’ve selected 10 different pairs of reading glasses that are most suitable for those with gray hair. 

10 Best Multifocals and Reading Glasses for Gray Hair 

  1. The Victoria in Wine

Best for: Warm gray tones 

The Victoria frames from the Sofia Vergara® x Foster Grant® collection are some of the best women’s eyeglasses for gray hair. Their deep reddish-purple hue provides a bold and elegant look while bringing out the beauty of warm-toned hair.  

  1. The Wynn Blue Light Reader in Purple/Tortoise

Best for: Warm gray tones 

The Wynn blue light readers are a style with a lot of personality. The thick round frames feature a warm tortoiseshell pattern with subtle splashes of purple throughout. Both hues help highlight the best features of your face and hair. The frames also come in pink, which may be more flattering for cool-toned gray hair.  

  1. The Bartlett in Matte Red

Best for: Warm gray tones  

If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your reading glasses, the bright red Bartlett frame is for you. These round frames feature a low-bridge nose fit, which provides extra comfort for those with high cheekbones, a wide face, or a low nose bridge. A warm gray hair color is most suited by these red readers. 

  1. The Blaire Blue Light Reader in Blue Marble

Best for: Cool gray tones  

Add a touch of uniqueness to your reading glasses collection with the Blaire blue light readers! The Blue Marble pattern and square silhouette provide just the right amount of “retro” to your look, all while enhancing your up-close vision. Cool gray hair tones will be most flattered by this blue frame. And as a warmer shade of blue, this style will also look good with warm tones.  

  1. The Leo Multifocal Reader in Black/Clear

Best for: Cool gray tones  

A trendy two-toned frame is sure to turn heads around the office! The Leo multifocal reading glasses provide three different vision powers in each lens. They’re perfect for multitasking between computer work, phone use, and socializing. The frames also feature a color split: The top portion is black and the bottom half is clear, making them especially flattering for cool-toned gray hair. 

  1. The Adrian Blue Light Reader in Green/Tortoise

Best for: Cool and warm gray tones 

Get the best of both worlds with the Adrian Blue Light Reader. The deep shade of green on the front of the browline frames, along with the rich tortoiseshell arms, create a sense of ultra-sophistication. The color combination is flattering for both warm and cool gray hair tones, though if you prefer a more standard look, try the frames in black. 

  1. The Gemma Blue Light Reader in Shiny Tortoise 

Best for: Warm gray tones  

Next on our list in the Gemma blue light reader frame in Shiny Tortoise. The bright copper tones of the tortoiseshell give this classic round frame a pop of color, which adds brightness to your hair and facial features. If you have warm-toned gray hair, consider these tortoiseshell readers for a complementary look.   

  1. The Sadie in Grey Tortoise

Best for: Cool gray tones 

A gray tortoiseshell pattern matches salt-and-pepper hair perfectly without actually blending in. Plus, the square shape of the Sadie readers fits any occasion, whether you’re working at the office or reading the menu at an upscale restaurant.  

  1. The Malcolm in Black/Red Temple Tips

Best for: Cool gray tones 

You can never go wrong with a little black frame. The Malcolm readers have a minimalist design with full magnification for everyday use. But they’re not too plain, as the temple tips each have a bright red stripe. While we recommend the Malcolm readers in Black/Red Temple Tips for cool gray hair, they’re also available in Crystal Brown/Fade Crystal Clear if you have warm gray hair. Whatever color you choose, they’re subtle enough to flatter anyone. 

  1. The Actor Bifocal in Light Brown Tortoise

Best for: Warm gray tones  

Embrace a trendy-meets-classic look in the light brown tortoise Actor Bifocal frames. The larger-sized round frames are flattering for both men and women, and the light brown color is quite flattering on those with warmer gray hair tones. Not a fan of light colors? The frames also come in black with tortoiseshell arms.   

When Choosing Glasses for Gray Hair, Also Consider Your Skin Tone 

Hair color isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing your next pair of readers. Skin tones are also considered warm or cool. And just like hair color, warm tones pair better with warm-colored frames (and cool tones with cool-colored frames). 

How can you tell which skin tone you have? Warm complexions have yellow undertones and cool complexions have pink or blue undertones.  

Embrace Your Personal Style 

If you look and feel your best in colors that aren’t usually recommended for your hair color and complexion, that’s okay. Guidelines for finding clothing and eyewear to flatter your gray hair are meant to help where needed. They don’t have to be strictly followed.  

At the end of the day, the best reading glasses for you are the ones you like wearing the best — regardless of your face shape, skin tone, and hairstyle! 


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