We all know the basics of reduce, reuse, recycle. A lot of folks, however, don’t think tossing those old newspapers, cans, and plastic bottles into the recycling bin can make a lasting impact. But when it comes to going green, little things like wearing eco-friendly accessories and recycling your readers can add up and make a huge difference!

Eco-Friendly Readers

About Eco-Friendly Readers

We’re proud to offer a selection of readers and reading sunglasses made from recycled plastics and materials — shop them here! These reading glasses are just as light, durable, and value-priced as our standard readers, and they’ll put an eco-friendly smile on your face.

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Recycling Your Readers

When it’s time for spring cleaning, don’t toss those old, out-of-style readers in the trash or recycling bin. Give them a second useful life by donating them to one of these great organizations: 

All of these philanthropies help fight against the vision care crisis by donating to children, women, and men in need of a pair of glasses! Learn more about how you can help on our Give Back page.

Facts on Going Green

Some of these might surprise you!

  • Recycling a single aluminum can saves enough energy to power a 100-watt light bulb for nearly four hours. A single plastic bottle would light up the room even longer.

  • Americans use more than 2 million plastic bottles every hour. Unfortunately, only 27% of them are currently recycled.

  • The benefits of recycling aren’t limited to just saving energy and natural resources. Recycling and reuse create six to ten times more jobs than landfill management and incineration.

  • Plastic recyclables can be transformed into any number of useful products, including fabrics, toys, park benches, and even a pair of reading glasses!

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