Dilation: Have you ever had to get your eyes dilated? With the eye drops, the increased sensitivity to light, and the oh-so-attractive sunglasses you receive after the exam is over, it might not be one of your favorite experiences, but it’s necessary, nonetheless. Take a look at this informative image from the National Eye Institute that shows the difference between an eye that has been dilated and one that has not.

25 Years of Advances in Vision Care: Nearsightedness, or myopia, has increased dramatically in the last 30 years; in fact, studies show an increase of 41.6 percent from 1999 to 2004 alone. If that makes you feel a bit depressed, don’t worry – with the increase in myopia has also come increased medical knowledge and expertise to deal with such problems.  Read this article on the surgical advances over the last 30 years that have helped millions to see clearly.

Blind Pianist Still Going Strong at 90: Irene Alexander has been playing piano since she was two years old – she’s not going to let a little blindness or age stop her now. Make sure you watch the accompanying video to hear Irene talk about her interesting life and her love of music.

Seeing Eye Dogs Need Eye Care, Too: For those who rely on their furry friends to be their eyes, the health of that dog is paramount. Luckily, in May the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists is sponsoring the 3rd annual Service Dog Eye Exam Event. With free eye exams for service and working dogs, the event ensures that these animals who take care of others are taken care of themselves.