Whew, the week is over! Anybody else looking forward to sleeping in this weekend? We here at Reading Glasses Shopper are also pretty excited about a little event on Sunday involving our Indianapolis Colts. Who’s with me?

For now, though, before we get too wrapped up in weekends and football, it’s time for this week’s Eye News Roundup, in which we continue our efforts to keep you well-informed and seeing clearly. Read up, and be sure to leave us a comment telling us what you think when you’re done!

Winter Eye Care Tips: Is the weather wreaking havoc on your eyes? Check out these winter eye tips for suggestions to combat dry eyes and more. While you’re there, take a look at this 5-step guide for keeping your vision clear throughout the year.

Vision Care Recovery Efforts in Haiti: it’s not what we might think of first when we think of what’s needed to help Haiti recover from the recent earthquakes, but Haitians are struggling with a lack of eye care and resources after vision practices have been destroyed. There’s nothing worse than not being able to see, especially when trying to deal with a tragedy. Luckily, the American Academy of Ophthalmology has formed a task force to help out. Read about it and say a mental “thank you” for your access to eye care!

In Case You Still Need Convincing About The Importance of Eye Exams: In this article from the Eye Health Center at WebMD, doctors explain how many health problems are visible  in the eye long before any other symptoms appear. Check out the ten most common eye signs and what they might be saying about your health.

As for what your eyes are saying about the rest of you…

The Body Language of the Eyes: Do you pride yourself on being able to read people? In this article for Psychology Today, former F.B.I. Agent Joe Navarro writes about deception, espionage, and everything you can tell from eye behavior. I feel ready to interrogate someone!

Man Has Eyeglasses Tattooed on His Face? You might have already seen this video making the YouTube rounds – the latest news? It might  be a promotional stunt by Ray Ban. I am wondering though if anybody has ever really gotten a tattoo like this. I’ve seen some crazy ones…anybody?

Enjoy the weekend, and see you Monday!