Happy 4th of July weekend, everybody!

fourth of july

Fireworks Safety: According to this article, the second most common fireworks injury is to the eyes. Follow these tips to make sure you stay safe this holiday weekend!

The Powers of Wine: You might have heard that a glass of red wine a day has benefits for your heart. This new research shows it also has the ability to prevent blindness and more. If having one vice justified by science isn’t enough…

Video Games as Learning Tools: We’ve talked about research that shows vision benefits from playing video games – this article goes even farther by reporting that violent, fast-paced games in particular help improve eyesight. Supposedly, “kill-or-be-killed” games can improve peripheral vision, the ability to see objects at dusk, and even lazy eye.

Stem Cells and Vision: Stem cell research is a controversial subject; but, it’s undeniable that the possibilities of such research are truly remarkable. This article sums up some of the latest insights stem cells have into vision problems and more.

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