It’s Friday! Yay! Before we all get swept away with thoughts of the weekend ahead, it’s time to survey the latest in eye-health news. Tune in every Friday for our take on important (and interesting! and just plain strange!) information you need to know, as well as excellent resources to help you take great care of your eyes.

Due for an Eye Exam? It’s recommended that you get your eyes checked once a year to catch any problems or changes in vision before they become serious. Check out WebMd’s guide on How to Choose an Eye Doctor – in addition to telling you what to look for in a qualified medical professional, they also explain the difference between ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians.

Your Mom was Right when she told you to stop watching television and go play outside. A study by the National Eye Institute has found an amazing 66% increase in nearsightedness over the last 30 years. The culprit? Too much tv, reading, and video games, and not enough playing outside.  Seriously!

Can You Avoid Bifocals? Prescription bifocals can be a big adjustment, one that many people try to put off making.  Dr. Jennifer Shu and Dr. Ravi D. Goel explain why some people need prescriptionbifocals and what your options are in order to see better.

Baseball, the Brain, and Your Eyes: This is really cool. Researchers analyze Willie Mays’ historic catch from the 1954 World Series, attempting to figure out exactly how outfielders are able to get to the right place in time to catch a foul ball. It’s amazing how the eyes, brain, and muscles work together!

And here’s your strange and incredible: this woman was able to see her grandchildren for the first time when doctors used her tooth to cure her blindness! What??

Have a great weekend!